October 1988
 Yasufuku USA Inc. in Lincoln, NE.
March 1989
 Started mass production in molding rubber products.
March 1994
 Started mass production of plastic injection molded products.
May 1994
 Purchased a new building and moved operations to the present place.
June 1997
 Purchased adjoining lot and added it to existing building.
June 2000
 Technical cooperation with Chiyoda Mfg Co., Ltd. and
 added blow molding expertise in the United States.
June 2000
 Purchased and started plastic extrusion line
October 2000
 Purchased two blow molding machines to begin blow molding production.
January 2001
 Started assembling air cleaner.
November 2002
 Purchased a building in LaGrange, Georgia for
 plastic injection and blow molding.
August 2003
 Started mass production at LaGrange plant.
October 2003
 Air cleaner technical cooperation with Yamato Co., Ltd.
June 2005
 ISO 9001:2000 certification.
July 2005
 Started mass production of ATV fuel tanks.